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- Please send clear references and a detailed description of what is wanted.
- I will make the sketch and any changes can be discussed.

- Once the commissioner is happy with the sketch, the picture will be finished and uploaded ASAP.
- Any changes requested after lines and colour will cost 10 :points: extra.

What I WILL draw:
- TLK lions
- Wolves/ other canines
- Cats
- Open to trying other animal species as well
- Blood/gore
- Your own OC's only

What I WILL NOT draw:
- Fetish art
- Porn of any kind
- Humans or anything humanoid
- My characters with yours unless they canonly belong together
- Canon characters from TV/Books/Movies/Ect

I hold the right to deny any commission I'm not comfortable with. I can draw lions and wolves the best, but can try other things as well. If no background or pose is specified, I'll just come up with something random for both~
Extra Character
Extra character for any commission
Full Body
When You Look Me In The Eyes by Strayhowl
'PLAY?!' by Strayhowl
Peaceful Days by Strayhowl
-One character
-Fully detailed background included, unless the commissioner states otherwise [such as wanting a solid colored background or a transparent background].

Extra characters + 20Points
Custom Character
Safiya by Strayhowl
Queen Malaika by Strayhowl
Rashidi by Strayhowl
-One character with a transparent background.
-The commissioner may choose between male and female, and may give specific colours or a general guideline. If no gender or guide is stated, a random character will be designed.

No extra characters allowed for custom commissions.
Half Body
-One character
-Fully detailed background included unless the commissioner states otherwise [such as wanting a solid colored background or a transparent background]

Extra character + 20Points
The Spirit King by Strayhowl
Monster by Strayhowl
Howl by Strayhowl
-One character
-Fully detailed background included unless the commissioner states otherwise [such as wanting a solid colored background or a transparent background]

Extra character + 20Points

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Here Be Dragons by PsychoMonkeyShogun

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United States
Current Residence: New York State, United States
Favourite genre of music: all styles except rap
Favourite style of art: all kinds
Operating System: Windows 10 Home
Favourite cartoon character: Holo the Wise, Sebastian from Black Butler, and Lucario
Personal Quote: "Oh pitiful shadow lost in the darkness ... perhaps it is time to die." - Ai Enma


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Whoever YOU want by angelishi

Chao sprite by mixlou

Sunflower by CookiemagiK Gatling pea by CookiemagiK :iconzombiestandplz: :iconzombiestandplz:

Saw this on :iconcaneage:'s page and thought why not lmao

Character 1 = Regina (Rat) Colbert

Character 2 = Aila MacPherson

Character 3 = Saffron Monroe

Character 4 = Morgan Chamberlyn

Character 5 = Cassandria Patterson

Character 6 = Ian Colbert



Q] - If Character 1 and Character 2 were to fight, who would win?


A] – Depends on the fight. They’re both stubborn when it comes to arguments, but physically Aila’s much stronger.



Q] - Character 3 and Character 4 decide to leave the country together – Where do they go?


A] – Wherever Morgan says LOL Saffi has to follow her everywhere xD



Q] - Character 5 and Character 6 enter a drinking game – Who wins?


A] – Ian’s too young to drink lmao



Q] - Character 1 and Character 5 are lost – Whose fault is it?


A] – Probably Rat’s lmao. Cassie’s usually pretty good about knowing where she is XD



Q] - Character 3 and Character 2 fall in-love. How did this happen?


A] – Mind altering magic. That is the ONLY way that’d ever happen LOL



Q] - Character 6 and Character 2 are locked in a room together, what will inevitably happen between them?


A] – Not much LOL



Q] - Between character 1 and Character 3, who has the worse temper?


A] – Rat, no question.


Q] - In a life and death situation, would Character 5 ever betray Character 2?


A] – No, never. They’d both make it out, or they would both die



Q] - Who, between Character 4 and Character 6 would be more likely to be arrested for indecent exposure?


A] – Morgan LOL not sure about indecent exposure, but she’s the most likely to get arrested for several other things XD



Q] - Character 4 and Character 1 get into a bar brawl? How did it happen, and what do they do?


A] – It’d happen because Rat hates Morgan, and Morgan takes any excuse to be violent LOL as for what they do, Rat’d probably try to get as far away as possible before she got killed lmao



Q] - Character 5 and Character 3 are part of a squadron of Spies, one of them is a traitor – How would the other find out?


A] - They’re both quite good at finding out information, so each would be as likely as the other to uncover any treachery


Q] - Character 4 and Character 6 are on TV, how did they get there and what are they doing?


A] - …I have absolutely no idea LOL


Q] - Character 2 is believed to be dead, how does Character 6 react?


A] – He would probably be sad </3 everyone loves Aila


Q] - Character 3 goes crazy and tries to kill Character 1, how do they go about it? And do they succeed?


A] – She’d probably drug and capture her, possibly with help, and she would not succeed because Rat is my baby and she will never die 8I


Q] - Character 5 is suddenly landed with a baby and appeals to Character 4 for help, how does Character 4 react?


A] – Morgan would be severely unimpressed and probably not help at all LOL


Q] - Character 1 goes to a haunted house and demands Character 6 comes with them. What happens?


A] – They’d both be scared shitless lmfao

Q] - Character 2 has been in a terrible accident, and it’s up to Character 4 to keep them alive. What was the accident, and how does this work out?


A] – Morgan would be the only one qualified to keep Aila alive, since she’s a surgeon. Whether or not she’d do it willingly is another matter lmao depends on if she still views Aila as being useful XD


Q] - Character 3 suffers a blow to head and loses all of their memory. Character 6 finds them – What happens?


A] – Ian’d probably try to help get Saffi to an appropriate medical facility, since he is a good boy c:


Q] - Character 5 has been acting strangely, disappearing on midnight expeditions, avoiding conversation and appeared distracted. Character 1 goes to investigate. What do they find?


A] – Rat so would be the one to follow Cassie LOL she’s so paranoid. I dunno what Cas would be up to, but it’s probably nothing bad. Maybe some kinda surprise for Aila? XD


Q] - Character 3 has been kidnapped by slave-traders, and only Character 4 and Character 2 can rescue them. How do they go about it?


A] – They probably wouldn’t do much tbh LOL Morgan wouldn’t care, and Aila wouldn’t want to go behind Morgan’s back and risk her own neck over it, however bad she might feel about it XD


Q] - Character 5, Character 1 and Character 6 all share a common hatred – What is it?


A] – Spiders 8I


Q] - Between Character 3, Character 6 and Character 2 who is more likely to lose their mind and go on a killing spree.


A] – Probably Saffi LOL I can’t see Ian or Aila doing that XD



Q] - Character 5 has been brain-washed into thinking they’re Character 1! How does Character 1 react?


A] – Rat would be very disturbed LOL


Q] - Aliens attack and Character 2 reveals themselves to be an android scout sent to help destroy the Universe. Can character 4 convince Character 2 to do otherwise?


A] – Morgan would just kill her rather than convincing her to do otherwise 8I


Q] - Character 5 And Character 3 have sex, how does Character 1 react upon finding them?


A] – Rat would be absolutely livid and disgusted LOL


Q] - Character 4 and Character 6 decide to elope, how do Character 2 and Character 3 feel about this?


A] – They’d be scared for Ian’s safety LOL


Q] - Character 6 is caught stealing and put in jail, does Character 2 leave them there, or break them out?


A] – Aila would try to get Ian out, if possible <3


Q] - Character 1, Character 3 and Character 5 form TEAM A, Character 2, Character 4 and Character 6 form TEAM B. They enter a series of Mini competitions.


A] – Let the carnage begin lmfao


Q] - There is an eating competition, which team members do TEAM A and TEAM B nominate? Who wins?


A] – I doubt anyone would consent to that lmao


Q] - TEAM A are given a foul when one of the team members tries to put laxatives in the other teams tea. Who was responsible?


A] – Probably Saffi LOL


Q] - A TEAM B member and TEAM A member start consorting, who are they?


A] –definately Aila and Cassie lmao xD

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